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Hi! I am Feodor Kouznetsov, the inventor of a hybrid breathing technique and a certified Buteyko instructor. Apply the ancient Toltec and Tibetian wisdom combined with a scientific approach to your lifestyle of an ultra-busy multitasker. Bid farewell to panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, relentless internal dialogue, and psychosomatic pain. Say hi to the new healthy and happy You.

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Are you living a life full of fear, stress, and anxiety? Are you hypochondriacal, germophobic, and scared of the outside world? Do you feel drained and exhausted? Do you live with chronic pain and nothing cures it? I could go on and on because I know exactly how you feel. My answer is “Now is the right time to change!”

I have suffered from physical pain for years. I have lived with severe mental discomfort. Until one day I collapsed having been diagnosed with a number of illnesses and prescribed tons of medication. This was my moment of epiphany when I knew I had to find an alternative cure. ‘Health It’s All About Consciousness’ – says Ivan Rados, an inspiring spiritual teacher.

I agree and take this idea further – health is also about unconsciousness. Suppressed emotions from early childhood traumas cause pains and discomfort us throughout our adult lives. Breathing techniques can help release these tensions. Often this is the only self-cure we can access when nothing else works.

Feodor Kouznetsov

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“After the first lesson, I felt deep relaxation in my whole body, the excruciating muscle pain in my legs subsided. I wanted to be in that state for a few more minutes, just like after meditation.”

“While going through the course, I realised that I had to change my relationships with men. It’s taken me by surprise and I couldn’t understand why I had not come to this realisation earlier and kept on making huge mistakes which brought fighting and breakups. I am grateful to you.”

“If a person has done at least one breathing exercise together with Feodor, the effects are immediate.”

“The gears started spinning in my life and miracles started happening. I have got a new job, and a mission. I got a pay rise and I feel valued. At some invisible level something started happening. Little by little but it’s enough for me to realise ‘Everything is good. Everything is fantastic.”