“Welcome to Breath and Mind – the home of transformative healing and coaching” 

Hello I’m Feodor, a seasoned practitioner specializing in Conscious Breathing and Hypnosis, dedicated to guiding you beyond the bounds of traditional therapy.

If years of therapy have left you seeking deeper, lasting change, you’ve arrived at the right place. With personalized care and powerful techniques, we’ll work together to resolve your challenges swiftly and sustainably. Begin your journey to lasting wellness with me today.”

Hypnotherapy Solutions for Your Well-Being:

  1. Stress and Anxiety Mastery: Experience tranquility and gain practical tools to manage stress and anxiety effectively through targeted hypnosis sessions.

  2. Overcoming Addictions: Tailored programs guide you to break free from addictive behaviors and substance dependencies, promoting lasting recovery with the power of hypnotherapy.

  3. Personal Growth Blueprint: Elevate yourself with sessions focused on self-improvement, confidence building, and goal-setting strategies, unlocking your true potential.

  4. Emotional Healing Journey: Navigate the path to emotional well-being with specialized hypnosis addressing deep-seated wounds, including childhood trauma and unresolved issues.

  5. Peak Performance Unleashed: Customized sessions designed for heightened focus, enhanced productivity, and peak performance in both professional and personal realms.

  6. Wealth and Prosperity Mindset: Transform your financial trajectory with programs aligning subconscious beliefs with success and abundance, fostering a prosperous mindset.

  7. Holistic Health and Harmony: Embrace a healthier lifestyle through hypnotherapy, targeting habits, weight management, and overall physical well-being for a harmonious life.

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Reach out through the contact form, and let’s embark on a journey to decode your body’s messages. The first consultation is complimentary—discover a path to understanding and healing. 👉


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    Those people who end up coming to me, have tried many different healing and therapy modalities. I resolve what seems to be unsolvable. There is no one else on this planet who can do what I can. Well as far as I know, maybe time will show otherwise…but until then, there is only me who can whisper the command of the eagle to your cells.

    Want to start on your own? Why no get my course on formula.life breathing method! or download the formula.life app currently available only on iOS



    All of my client reviews are in my Instagram account which is in Russian, here are some photos of people in therapy from my offline studio.

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