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Hi! I am Feodor Kouznetsov, the inventor of Formula.life breathing method, a certified Buteyko instructor and master of body cell programming through hypnosis based on the works of Bruce Lipton. Apply Toltec wisdom combined with a scientific approach to your lifestyle and say hi to the new healthy and happy You. Get in touch via contact form or Telegram (use link below to your right) for a free consultation.



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Mastering “Formula.Life” method course

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Change your breathing – change your life!

Right now is always the right time to change! Because that is all we really have. What we also have is our breath.
It is constantly going. In the same way as our thoughts and patterns of actions. All of which can be measured. 

Your breath is finite, you never know when it stops. The amount of thoughts going through ones’ head on average has also been measured.

What if you could cut down on the amount of thoughts going through your mind? Would that help ease constant control of situations, emotions and actions? What if some thought forms could be identified as harmful to the physical and emotional aspects of the body and could be replaced with those which bring health and joy? Would it be interesting to find out how to do it?

It is very simple! By working with the process such as breathing, which can be measured and apply the scientific knowhow, you are able to control the processes in your body, simply by applying will and action. I have built this website and designed my sessions with the purpose of helping you increase your human potential and boosт your vitality. The hardest part of it all, is actually getting one self to do the exercises. However we all know, that all it takes is just the first step.

It’s easier and faster to do it together. Send me a message or just book your sesssion now.

Feodor Kouznetsov

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“After the first lesson, I felt deep relaxation in my whole body, the excruciating muscle pain in my legs subsided. I wanted to be in that state for a few more minutes, just like after meditation.”

“While going through the course, I realised that I had to change my relationships with men. It’s taken me by surprise and I couldn’t understand why I had not come to this realisation earlier and kept on making huge mistakes which brought fighting and breakups. I am grateful to you.”

“If a person has done at least one breathing exercise together with Feodor, the effects are immediate.”

“The gears started spinning in my life and miracles started happening. I have got a new job, and a mission. I got a pay rise and I feel valued. At some invisible level something started happening. Little by little but it’s enough for me to realise ‘Everything is good. Everything is fantastic.”