About Feodor Kouznetsov

Feodor Kouznetsov is a breathing innovator who wants to inspire a movement of conscious breathers.

He believes that breath is one of our most under-explored self-healing practices. Most humans can survive several days without food and water but only a few minutes without breathing.

‘We are all breathing but how many of us are actually aware of our breath?’ – Feodor’s interest in using breathing techniques for healing purposes solidified after he suffered from a major burnout a few years ago.

Panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, fears and insecurities, relentless internal monologue, physical pain – all of this was part of Feodor’s daily life.

Feodor was born in Soviet Russia. After his parents split up, he moves to Denmark with his mother where they live in a poor neighbourhood of Aarhus. Feodor grows up feeling abandoned by his parents who are busy figuring out their own lives. He changes numerous schools, gets involved with the ‘wrong’ people and gets in all sorts of trouble. Feodor’s book ‘Vozdooh’ provides a detailed account of his childhood and youth experiences.

In 2009 Feodor is given a chance to start a new life. He finds himself working as a Chief of Staff to an Ultra High Net-Worth individual. Following his work, Feodor moves to Switzerland, then to England. On his trip to Ukraine, he meets the love of his life – Alla, a beauty from rural Ukraine.

A few years on, Feodor is trying to balance his young family, entrepreneurship and his daily job as the Chief of Staff. His work is so demanding and stressful that it results in a total breakdown and severe illness. This near-death experience leads him to look for an alternative cure when traditional medication is not working.

Feodor spends a lot of time reading Ivan Rados, Carlos Castañeda, Sergio Magaña and other spiritual teachers. He travels to Mexico to explore Toltec healing methods. He turns his eyes to astrology and numerology, psychology, – whatever helps him in his soul-searching experiments. After years of trial and error, he invents a technique which brings him back to life and completely transforms how he sees the world and his inner self. He also becomes a certified dream planter, which is an ancient Toltec technique engaging with subconsciousness and dreams.

Having tried out numerous self-healing methods, having studied many authors from all corners of the world, Feodor comes up with a breathing sequence which he calls Formula.Life. One cannot deny that all humans breathe to stay alive. Feodor teaches how to use our breath to achieve the state of Happiness and performance a rare hypnotherapy which is called whispering.

Besides promoting the benefits of his own invention, Feodor is also a keen explorer of other teachers’ techniques. He collaborates with teachers from all over the world to enhance his own practice, to enrich and improve the offering to his clients, and to stay in the know of what’s up and coming.

Feodor is committed to harnessing the most effective breathing and other healing modalities and helping his followers to adjust these to their modern lives.


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