Buteyko breathing session (lite)

A scientifically proven method to help people become and stay healthy.

49 $ / 49 min.

Great for:

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  • This session is suitable for most people, both children and adults are welcome.
  • This session is great for people who have breathing difficulties and/or sleep disorders;people who suffered panic attacks and anxiety and also those of you who are going through a lot of stress.
  • I know exactly what you are going through as I have had all the above symptoms myself and I know exactly how to address them. I am here for you.
  • During the session, we will look together at your breathing patters, measure your CP (control pause) and identify the most suitable technique for you, based on the Buteyko method.
  • Then, we will practise it together during the session, and you will feel immediate results. Most people would need just one session to learn the basics but afollow up session is recommended to address any questions which may arise while practicing independently.
  • All students get my support in a private chat.

*Please note, this session is NOT suitable for breathers with weakened cardiovascular system, epilepsy, glaucoma, unhealed scars/wounds; women at the early stages of pregnancy; diabetes type1; people under alcohol or drug intoxication. DO NOT sign up for this course If you are taking antidepressants or psycho-stimulants. If you are unsure whether any of these restrictions apply to you, please seek medical advice from your GP before attending your first breathing session. Feodor cannot be held responsible for side effects which intense breathing may cause to your body.*