Feodor: Meet My Wife Alla

“It took me only a few seconds to realize that this was the woman of my dreams, and I wanted to have children with her. Although I do fall in love easily, I had never experienced anything like this before. This woman was very special”, – this quote from the book “Vozdooh” refers to my beautiful wife, Alla. 

This Lifestyle blog space on the website I will be sharing with a very close person. Alla is my second half, and without her, my story is only half true. 

My wife-to-be and I met online, and 10 months later I went to Ukraine where she lived to see her in person. I really fell for her independence and strong values. We got married in summer 2011, immediately returning to the UK to settle as a couple. In April 2012, we learned that we were to become parents. On the morning of 22 December 2012, our daughter, Polina, was born. 

Alla's portrait

It’s been 10 years that Alla and I are together, and our relationship endured many things. I describe our ups and downs in my book, but Alla’s perspective is also of great value. This strong woman was by my side in the most incredible moments of my life. She is a true witness of my personal transformation. 

Alla is an exemplary mother, chef, and a qualified life coach. She is a bearer of immense knowledge about traditions, culinary art, and personal relationships and will be sharing her wisdom here in this blog.

Also, stay tuned for the launch of Alla’s online life-coaching sessions!