breathing session

Advanced sessions for those who are able to practice on their own, wanting instant life change and a boost with achieving their full potential.

£ 999 / 99 min.

Great for:

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  • The spirit session is suitable for beginners. If you are curious about the effects of conscious breathing but don’t know where to start, sign up for a spirit session to get a flavour of this great life changing technique.
  • It is a good solution for the ultra-busy city dwellers, those who have little time for meditation and other healing practices. You may have tried other mind-calming or restorative practices before but never had time to follow up. Squeeze it in your coffee or lunch break and get back to work with clearer vision and hyper-focus.
  • Multi-task effortlessly; stay calm and confident in important meetings. Once you learn how to breathe, you can do it with your eyes open.
  • If you suffer from the fear of flying, then this session will cure your fear once and for all.
  • Have you heard this? “Find a quiet place” Where do you find a quiet place these days? You don’t need to be in isolation to practice, that is how stands apart form all other meditatice techniques.
  • About to deliver a public speech or enter an important meeting? Feeling anxious? Book your session with me and I promise you will feel relaxed and confident. Once you learn how to do it will always stay with you in your mind and you can practice it by yourself, no matter where life takes you.

As a result of our session together, you will become silent in your mind quickly and release stress and tension built up in your mind and body.

* Please note, this session is NOT suitable for breathers with weakened cardiovascular system, epilepsy, glaucoma, unhealed scars/wounds; women at the early stages of pregnancy; diabetes type1; people under alcohol or drug intoxication. DO NOT sign up for this course If you are taking antidepressants or psycho-stimulants. If you are unsure whether any of these restrictions apply to you, please seek medical advice from your GP before attending your first breathing session. Feodor cannot be held responsible for side effects which intense breathing may cause to your body.