– Breathing sessions with Feodor Breathing sessions with Feodor

A human can survive several days without food and water, but only a few minutes without breathing. Think about it? Breath is life and how much attention do we give it? Close to none for most of us.
Let me ask you this:

Do you feel that your mind is racing a mile a minute and you cannot stop it?

Do you have difficulties falling asleep?

Do you suffer from intermittent chronic pain and none of the traditional therapies help?

Do you have problems saying ‘No’ to people? Are you a “people-pleaser”? A nice guy? A good girl?

Do you have trouble expressing your true feelings about people and situations?

Do you want to change?

I could go on and on because I know exactly how you feel. I have suffered from physical pain for years. I have lived with severe mental discomfort. Until one day I collapsed having been diagnosed with a number of illnesses and prescribed tons of medication. This was my moment of epiphany when I knew I had to find an alternative cure.

‘Health It’s All About Consciousness’ – says Ivan Rados, an inspiring spiritual teacher. I agree and take this idea further – health is also about unconsciousness. Suppressed emotions from early childhood traumas cause pains and discomfort us throughout our adult lives.

Breathing techniques can help release these tensions. Often this is the only self-cure we can access when nothing else works.

What can you expect from my course?

You will learn to tame your monkey mind, stop the internal monologue and racing thoughts.( in order for your goals and wishes to manifest in life, you need 3 things
1 – Energy
2 – Ability to focus your attention
2 – Ability to set your goals in the correct way

Your brain is the biggest consumer of your energy, the energy is consumed by your thoughts and your emotions, the first rule on how to obtain the energy, is to save it in the first place, you must learn how to be come still in your mind, and I will teach you to do it fast. My technique works immediately from the first session, where typical mindfulness techniques are boring and take a long time to work, especially if you are a busy professional like I am)

You will learn how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks.

You will stop worrying about everything and anything. In particular, you may lose your fear of flying.

You will overcome insomnia.

Through intense breath-work, you will release and clear subconscious blockages.

You will learn ways to balance your energy centres.

You will learn visualization techniques to set intentions.

You will get to know yourself as never before. You will become more aware of yourself and of the world around you.

You will raise your self-esteem by learning to love and appreciate yourself.

As you advance in your practice you will also experience things which right now may sound like pure magic.


Get in touch at to book your 1-2-1 session with me.

If you are interested but a bit shy I offer an online session, if you are ready to do it in person, come along and meet me in person for a 1-2-1 breathing session in Godalming, Surrey (England). I teach daily/weekly classes at The Holistic Center.

If you cannot come in person, is available for free download on App Store, Google Play, and Kai. Advanced features can be added via in-app purchases.