Part with phobias and live with ease

499 $

  • 4 sessions during 28 days via zoom/teams individually with Feodor
  • You will have the recording of your masterclass
  • If you are scared of flying on an airplane or going to the dentist or you are afraid of spiders, you have come to the right place, together with the help of my breathing method, we will solve this fear once and for all.
  • The main difference between and other practices, is that it is so efficient in busy and noisy locations, you do not need to find a quiet space as you do with most other practices. You can even do it with your eyes open during turbulence on a plane. 
  • We meet online 1 time per week during 28 days. The duration of each session varies. You will get a recorded copy of your masterclass, plus other material for you to practice.

  • I will guide during this time in mastering so that you can become yourself a master in conscious breathing and apply it to your needs.