Holistic breathing sessions

An in-depth private masterclass for your body and mind which covers formula.life and Buteyko breathing methods combining theory and practice. Prepare to do some serious breathwork!

125 $ / 15h

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  • The holistic sessions  offer the best of both worlds, Health and Spirit. This 15 hour long class is followed by Feodor’s personal support.

  • By correcting the breathing patterns we are able to achieve the deepest impact on our lives. However, we live in such a busy world that taking a moment to consciously breathe is a challenge and a luxury.

  • In order to incorporate good breathing practice in our daily lives we need to … re-educate ourselves how we breathe. In other words, instead of dedicating a special time to your practice, you need to make it a part of your life.

  • With innovative and easy-to-apply techniques, it becomes easy to be in your practice all the time, during meetings, parties, commute, and meals.

  • This package is designed for those who find it hard to motivate themselves to practise independently but really want to change and live a healthy life. In between the sessions, Feodor will be hand holding you to help you with daily motivation and to give you an opportunity to ask questions.

  • We will be covering the physiological aspects of breathing discovered by Dr Buteyko; the importance of Co2 and how to accumulate it in the body for your cells and tissues to obtain maximum energy from oxygen; and exercises which can be incorporated into your daily life.

  • The session also includes extensive training in formula.life technique, based on the Buteyko principles for correct breathing, to create the silent state in your mind, and keep it so, on-demand, at any time.

* Please note, this session is NOT suitable for breathers at the early stages of pregnancy; diabetes type1; people under alcohol or drug intoxication. DO NOT sign up for this course If you are taking antidepressants or psycho-stimulants. If you are unsure whether any of these restrictions apply to you, please seek medical advice from your GP before attending your first breathing session or get in touch with me ( Feodor ) , and we can discuss your condition before you decide to purchase. You are welcome to use the contact form to get in touch.