How I stopped people pleasing and how can you?

I wanted to take a moment to share a personal insight with you. For the longest time, I saw myself as an exceptionally reliable individual, always striving to be of service and seeking approval from nearly everyone I encountered on my journey. However, it dawned on me that my perceived reliability was nothing more than a manifestation of past traumas, shouting, “Hey, I’m here! Depend on me, trust me, please accept me!”

It was a profound realization that the only approval truly essential wasn’t from my parents or my spouse but from myself. While receiving approval from loved ones is indeed wonderful, the most successful people I know have often had substantial support from their parents. For guys like me, a mother’s approval plays a pivotal role in our success, and a father’s guidance on what it means to be a man, a hunter, a provider, is crucial. It’s not conveyed through words but through personal actions. If a parent talks about success but hasn’t achieved it themselves, the impact is limited. For those of us who haven’t received this support, the journey involves self-discovery and finding approval within.

Personally, I discovered this through breathwork and integrated a special module into the app. This module helps me listen to my own voice, programming the approval I need for anything. This, I’ve realized, is the key to maintaining a firm grasp on life. While deeper traumas may require specialist intervention, I sought help, and after seven years of attempting to navigate it alone, I reached a resolute conclusion – we can’t do it entirely on our own. We need assistance. Our egos, particularly those with my personality, often obstruct the path. I overcame that hurdle.

I’m here for you when you’re ready to address your deepest traumas. If you’re not ready, I encourage you to explore the app: [ App](