The Tales of The Sun | Healthy Legs

Healthy Legs which take you far meditation

**A New Poetic Meditation Experience**

Dear friends,

*Introduction to a Hybrid Meditation*

Embark on a unique poetic meditation designed to nurture the health of your legs. Experience a blend of the poetic and practical, offering a chance to explore a destiny filled with happiness, wealth, health, and love.

*The Sun’s Wisdom in Verse*

The Sun said,

*Daily Practice for Optimal Results*

For best results, commit to daily listening. The efficiency of this practice is enhanced with the passage of a lunar cycle.

*Prepare for the Journey*

Sit or lay comfortably, close your eyes, and clench your fists. Let go of thoughts and deeds for this brief time.

*Letting Go of Worries*

Place worries and heavy thoughts into an imaginary box of cherries. With one inhale and exhale, let the contents dissolve into the air, transforming into sunflowers.

*Connecting with Your Feet*

Shift your focus down your spine, thighs, and knees, stopping around your feet. Ask your feet if they want strength and the ability to walk far.

*Embarking on a Journey of Light*

Begin a journey away from darkness. Leave behind everyday troubles and frustrations.

*Seeking the Sun’s Guidance for Your Feet*

Inhale, hold, and exhale slowly, asking the Sun to shine on your feet, directing blood flow for strength and progress toward your goals.

*Energizing Your Knees*

Move your focus to your knees, adjusting the beam of light. Inhale and exhale, asking the Sun to support your knees in health.

*Nurturing Your Hips*

Inhale and ask where the Sun is that lights your path between your knees and feet. Ensure that veins open up for free-flowing blood.

*Expressing Gratitude*

Inhale and express gratitude for the Sun, radiating love and light to support your hips, feet, knees, and the entire body.

*Closing Expressions and Gratitude*

Inhale one last time and release your love towards the Sun. Express gratitude and readiness for the day ahead.

*Conclusion: Shine Forever*

As your eyes open, unclench your fists, and move forward confidently. Until we meet again, much love from The Sun!


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